Nerd AI is a powerful artificial intelligence. It is a knowledgeable companion in numerous subjects, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, physics, engineering, agriculture, medicine, military science, management, arts, and more. Nerd AI, with its extensive knowledge base and expertise, can provide authoritative and accurate answers to a wide range of queries. Users can depend on Nerd AI to deliver accurate guidance and assistance in a variety of subjects.

What is Nerd AI?

Nerd AI

Nerd AI is an AI language model that was created by AI. It is intended to be a knowledge encyclopedia with expertise in philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, physics, engineering, agriculture, medicine, military science, management, arts, and other subjects. Nerd AI is capable of providing authoritative, accurate, and simple answers to questions. It seeks to provide reliable information and support to users on a wide range of issues.

How much cost of Nerd AI?

Free Trial for 3 days.

  • ₹490.00 for 1 week.
  • ₹3,900.00 for lifetime.

Why Alternatives are Required?

Although Nerd AI is an extremely knowledgeable AI, having several AI models can bring fresh ideas and thoughts. Different AI models may have different techniques, knowledge sources, and interpretations, which can contribute to a better comprehension of a topic. Certain domains or niche subjects may necessitate specialized knowledge that Nerd AI does not have to the same extent. Alternative AI models that are focused on specific topics may deliver more in-depth and specialized knowledge in those domains.

What are the Main Alternatives of Nerd AI?

  • AskMate AI
  • Question.AI: गृहकार्य सहायक
  • AnswerAI
  • Scan Solve – AI Homework Helper
  • Help AI: Your Homework with AI
  • Quizard AI – Scan and Solve
  • Schoolify – AI Homework Solver
  • Answer AI – Homework Helper

1. AskMate AI

AskMate AI

AskMate AI is an inexpensive app. Various beneficial functions in our app are designed to improve your educational experience. Upload only your research materials to receive instantaneous AI-powered outcomes. You can simply upload your learning materials in PDF format and ask questions about them using our PDF inquiry option. Receive detailed responses and explanations to help you understand.

Platform: Android (iOS to follow shortly).

Key Features:

  • A free tutoring service for assignment help.
  • You can get the answers by uploading your question papers.
  • Make any inquiries regarding YouTube videos.
  • Based on marks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, gather responses.
  • You can upload the questions as PDFs or scanned pictures, among other file formats.
  • Use this as a task for writing.


Freely available (Premium Plans will be available soon).

2. Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक

Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक

Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक is an effective artificial intelligence homework assistant. It is a free AI homework helper that provides users with an AI-based Q&A system to help them navigate through multiple academic subjects. The method is intended to be used as a homework generator, assisting with academic enquiries or difficulties with daily life.

Question Al: गृहकार्य सहायक may also solve arithmetic difficulties, giving precise answers to mathematical equations. Users can ask questions by photographing or screenshotting them, and the AI model will react properly.

Question Al: गृहकार्य सहायक is a great tool for educators in addition to saving users’ time and improving learning efficiency. It offers free online math equation solutions, making it a useful resource.

Platform: Apple App Store, Android, and the PC online.

Key Features:

  • It is accessible for people of all ages.
  • The AI interaction is easy to understand and simple.
  • As a grammar checker, use this.
  • This may serve as a translator.
  • At any time, 24/7 accessibility is used.


Not specified.

3. Answer AI

Answer AI

Answer Ai is a helpful homework helper that may assist you in learning more effectively. This AI app is always active. When answering questions, we also provide very extensive responses to assist you in comprehending the processes and ideas at every step.

When learning and reviewing, Answer AI aids users in several methods. By capturing images, scanning questions, uploading PDFs, and having direct discussions, we help users create learning flashcards. Answer AI will make it easier for you to create flashcards.

Simultaneously, Answer AI may intelligently suggest simulated exercises and practice programs based on prior questions to assist users in achieving better outcomes.

Platform: iPhone, Android and computer (Chrome Plugins).

Key features:

  • A Flash Card with Hidden Answers was recently released.
  • Everyone can utilize it, from elementary school students to university students.
  • Mock exercises and practice strategies based on prior questions are provided.
  • Quick responses: Find similar queries quickly.
  • Explain the following questions in detail: Give specific problem-solving steps as well as multiple ideas.
  •  24-hour availability: offers online assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Free (with a limited number of users)


  • ₹ 380.00 for 1 month.
  • ₹ 4,297.16 for 6 months (₹ 716.19/month)
  • ₹ 2,548.00 for 12 months (₹ 212.33 /month)

4. Scan Solve – AI Homework Helper

 ScanSolve - AI Homework Helper

By clicking a photo of the query, you may use the ScanSolve AI Homework Helper app to rapidly find the right answer to any type of problem, including challenging quizzes and puzzles. Additionally, by providing thorough explanations for each response, the program makes sure you comprehend each one.

ScanSolve is a helpful resource for students of all skill levels. Easy to use and straightforward, the interface stresses problem-solving through a clear design. Texts in arithmetic, physics, history, and other areas are available through the software.

Platform: Android application.

Key Features:

  • It is readily available for free download on the Google Play store.
  • Information should not be leaked to outside parties.


  • Premium trial for 3 days.
  • One week -₹790.00.
  • One year – ₹6,500.00.
  • For Lifetime ₹7,350.00.

5. Help AI

Help AI

Help AI is an online assistant that can quickly respond to your questions about coursework and other topics. We use one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence models available, which can respond to inquiries from any field.

Platform: Android application.

Key Features:

  • Use for Spelling Correction and Translator.
  • refuses to comprehend text written by hand.
  • fails to remember the past.
  • dependable and exact content producer: lowest inaccuracy rate (up to 90%).
  • Submit a copy of your questions.
  • Send images and text using other apps or the gallery.


A single ticket for each query After the short ads, simply select +3 tickets to receive additional tickets.

  • 5 tickets – ₹19.90
  • 15 tickets – ₹39.90
  • 50 tickets – ₹119.90
  • 120 tickets – ₹39.90

6. Quizard AI – Scan and Solve

Quizard AI - Scan and Solve

A new artificial intelligence (AI) answer program called Quizard has been developed to assist students of all skill levels in overcoming academic challenges. Quizard’s AI will deliver the solution and a thorough explanation.

Platform: Android application.

Key Features:

  • Answer questions that have multiple choices.
  • Topics are becoming clearer.
  • Use any student level, from preschools to university.


  • Lifetime – ₹7350.00.
  • Per month -₹99.00.
  • 6 months -₹4900.00 (₹816.67 per month)
  • 12 months – ₹5,900.00(₹491.67 per month)

7. Schoolify – AI Homework Solver

Schoolify - AI Homework Solver

Schoolify, a creative AI-powered platform, supports students of all ages with their academic responsibilities. Our app incorporates innovative technology in order to provide customers with the greatest possible experience. With Schoolify, students may complete tasks such as writing essays, conducting research, and working through difficult arithmetic problems quickly. Our tailored method of instruction ensures that the solutions and content provided are suited to each user’s specific needs.

Platform: Android application.

Key Features:

  • Math analyzer application: Use this app to solve any math difficulty, such as arithmetic or algebra.
  • Make use of as a thesis statement for an essay.
  • Text solver: Generate any type of written content, such as subjects, research, and summaries.
  • Plagiarism analyzer.
  • Almost all subjects, from preschoolers to college level is covered.
  • The app responses more quickly.
  • Every day, tokens are offered away for free.


  • 1month – ₹831.40.
  • 1year – ₹5,825.41 (485.21 for 1 month)

8. Homework AI

 Homework AI

The goal of Homework AI is to quickly and accurately respond to all of your homework-related issues. Our strong AI will provide you with the answers you need to wrap up any work with just a few clicks. With our AI-powered applications, you’ll always have reliable and accurate solutions at your fingertips. There won’t be any more expending time on trial and error or battling to comprehend challenging ideas. Give our AI a go at the labor-intensive tasks so you can receive the support you need to succeed academically.

Platform: Android application.

Key Features:

  • Interpreter, obtain the Summary, rewrite the subject matter.
  • Get free access and save your history (Pro).
  • additional time for questions and answers (Benefit)
  • Experience without commercials (Incentive)
  • Obtain streamlined explanations on challenging subjects.
  •  Obtain clear answers about issues.


  • 1 week- ₹270.00(Pro)
  • 1 month – ₹920.00(Pro)

9. Answer AI – Homework Helper

 Answer AI - Homework Helper

Answer AI acts as your primary knowledge partner, utilizing the incredible potential of artificial intelligence to deliver accurate and perceptive responses to many different kinds of problems and assignments. Answer AI can assist with supporting homework for students, provide quick answers for professionals, or just answer general queries about a range of subjects.

Platform: Android application.

Key Features:

  • Endless explosion AI: quicker analysis and instantaneous response.
  • Use people in any age range.


  • 3 days trial phase.
  • ₹490.00/ week


In conclusion, Nerd AI alternatives play an important role in improving digital interactions by allowing for flexibility, modification, and cost-effectiveness. They supplement Nerd AI’s capability and provide personalized solutions to address the various requirements of organizations and users.

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