In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the demand for efficient and intelligent AI-powered solutions has surged. Answer AI has been a widely recognized name in the realm of AI-driven question-answering systems. However, as technology continues to evolve, users are always on the lookout for alternatives that can provide a competitive edge. This article explores the world of Answer AI alternatives, offering insights into various options that can elevate your AI experience.

What is Answer Ai?

Answer AI is an intelligent homework assistant who can assist you in learning more effectively. This AI app respond at all times. We also provide very detailed solutions to help you understand the methods and ideas step by step when answering questions.

Answer AI assists users in a variety of ways when practising and reviewing. We assist users in creating learning flashcards by taking photos, scanning questions, uploading PDFs, and having direct conversations. You Will be able to generate flashcards more conveniently with Answer AI.

At the same time, Answer AI may intelligently provide mock exercises and practice plans based on previous questions to help users for better results.

Answer AI

How much Cost of Answer Ai?

  • ₹ 380.00 for 1 month.
  • ₹ 4,297.16 for 6 months (₹ 716.19/month)
  • ₹ 2,548.00 for 12 months (₹ 212.33 /month)

Why Alternatives Are Required?

Although AnswerAI is unquestionably a strong solution, consumers frequently look for alternatives for a variety of reasons. Cost concerns, feature requirements, or the desire to investigate various AI technologies are a few examples of these.

What are the Main Alternatives of Answer Ai?

  1. AskMate AI
  2. Question.AI: गृहकार्य सहायक
  3. Nerd AI – Homework Helper
  4. Scan Solve – AI Homework Helper
  5. Help AI: Your Homework with AI
  6. Quizard AI – Scan and Solve
  7. Schoolify – AI Homework Solver
  9. Answer AI – Homework Helper

AskMate AI

Askmate AI

AskMate AI is a free homework assistance app. Numerous helpful elements in our app are intended to enhance your academic experience. Simply upload your study materials to get immediate, AI-powered responses. With our PDF inquiry option, you can quickly upload your study materials in PDF format and ask questions about them. To aid in your understanding, receive thorough responses and explanations.

Android (iOS to follow shortly) as a platform.

Key Features:

  • Free homework assistance in the form of a tutor.
  • Upload your Question Papers to obtain the answers.
  • Ask any queries about YouTube videos.
  • Obtain responses based on marks 1,2,3,4,5.
  • Upload the questions in a variety of file types, including scanned images and PDFs.
  • Utilize as a writing assignment.


Free (Coming Soon Premium Plans)

2. Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक

Question AI

Question ai is a powerful artificial intelligence homework assistant. It is a free AI homework assistant that offers an AI-based Q&A system to assist users in navigating through various knowledge topics. The method is designed to serve as a homework generator, assisting with academic inquiries or everyday life issues.

Question Al also solves arithmetic problems, providing precise solutions to mathematical equations. Users can submit questions by taking photos or screenshots, and the AI model will respond appropriately. It functions as an image to LaTeX converter, recognizing formulas and transforming them into a readable format via Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

In addition to reducing users’ time and enhancing learning efficiency, Question Al is a useful tool for educators. It provides free online math equation solutions, making it a must-have studying and teaching resource.

Platforms include the Apple App Store, Android, and the PC online.

Key Features:

  • It is freely accessible.
  • AI conversation is simple and straightforward.
  • Use this, as a grammar checker.
  • This can be used as a translator.
  • 24/7 accessibility: utilize at any time.


Not indicated.

3. Nerd AI – Homework Helper

 Nerd AI - Homework Helper

The most recent AI technology is Nerd AI. With a powerful set of features, Nerd AI increases your writing, problem-solving, language learning, summarizing, coding, and knowledge on any topic.

Android app as a platform.

Key Features:

  • Quick problem solver app scan and find solution quickly.
  • Improved word amount: Compose broader messages.
  • Limitless: An infinite number of chats.
  • Subject access: Unlimited access to subjects.
  • Compose Without Effort: Making essays, blogs, and presentation scripts is simple.
  • Upgrade Your Language Proficiency: Use advanced translators and grammatical guidelines to help you become a language master.
  • Summarize: Reduce any content, book, or article into a few sentences.
  • Rewrite: Simplify, continue, or improve your writing drafts.
  • Get thorough assistance with any programming language by learning to code.
  • Participate in exciting trivia challenges covering a wide range of subjects.


  • 3-day Free
  • ₹490.00/ week.
  • ₹3,900.00 lifetime.

4. ScanSolve – AI Homework Helper

ScanSolve - AI Homework Helper

Using the ScanSolve AI Homework Helper app, you can quickly find the correct answer to any problem—from tough quizzes to puzzles—by just snapping a picture of the question. The app also makes ensures you understand every response by offering in-depth explanations for each one.

For students of all skill levels, ScanSolve is a useful tool. With a clear design that prioritizes problem-solving, the interface is easy to use and intuitive. The software provides texts in math, physics, history, and other subjects.

Android app as a platform.

Key Features:

  • It is easily accessible on the Google Play store and has a free download option.
  • No information should be shared with third parties.


  • 3-day premium trial.
  • ₹790.00 /week.
  • ₹6,500.00 /year.
  • ₹7,350.00 for lifetime.

5. Help AI

Help AI

Help Ai is a virtual assistant that can answer your general and homework queries in seconds! We apply one of the most advanced artificial intelligence designs, which can answer questions from any discipline.

Android app as a platform.

Key Features:

  • Custom prompts can be used for translation and spelling correction.
  • Handwritten text is not recognized.
  • Does not recall the past.
  • Content creator who is dependable and precise: Error rate is low (up to 90%).
  • Send text and images from your gallery or other apps.
  • Does not save history.


One ticket for every question (To get more tickets just select +3 tickets after a short video).

  • 5 tickets for ₹19.90
  • 15 tickets for ₹39.90
  • 50 tickets for ₹119.90
  • 120 tickets for ₹39.90

6. Quizard AI – Scan and Solve

 Quizard AI - Scan and Solve

Quizard is a new artificial intelligence (AI) answer software designed to help students of all levels overcome academic obstacles. The solution, along with a complete explanation, will be provided by Quizard’s AI.

Android app as a platform.

Key Features:

  • Respond to multiple-choice questions.
  • Get your assignment as soon as possible.
  • Topics are better understood.
  • Use any level of student, from elementary to university.


  • ₹7350.00 for the lifetime.
  • ₹99.00 for one month
  • ₹4900.00 for 6 months (₹816.67 each month)
  • ₹5,900.00 for a year (₹491.67 each month)

7. Schoolify – AI Homework Solver

 Schoolify - AI Homework Solver

An inventive AI-powered tool called Schoolify helps kids of all ages with their academic assignments. The newest technology is included in our app to give consumers the best experience possible. Students can finish assignments like writing essays, doing research, and working through challenging arithmetic problems quickly with Schoolify. Our personalized learning process guarantees that the solutions and content offered are appropriate for the unique needs of every user.

Android as a platform.

Key Features:

  • Math solver app: Solve any math issue such as arithmetic or algebra.
  • Use as an essay writing thesis.
  • Text solver: Create any type of text, including topics, research, and summaries.
  • Plagiarism detector.
  • Almost every subject is covered, from primary school to university level.
  • The app responds faster.
  • Tokens are provided for free every day.


  • ₹831.40/month
  • ₹5,825.41 /year (485.21 per month)

8. Homework AI

Homework AI

Homework AI is intended to provide accurate and timely answers to all your homework questions. With a few simple clicks, our powerful AI will provide you with the answers you need to finish any task. You’ll have accurate and dependable solutions at your fingertips with our AI-powered app. There will be no more wasting time on trial and error or struggling to understand difficult concepts. Allow our AI to do the legwork for you and get the assistance you require to flourish in your academics.

Android app as a platform.

Key Features:

  • Translator, Rewrite the content to get the Summary.
  • Save history and get unlimited usage (Pro).
  • Longer question and response periods (Benefit)
  • Experience without advertisements (Bonus)
  • Get simplified explanations for difficult topics.
  • Explanations: Receive straightforward explanations regarding duties or issues of concern.


  • ₹270.00/week (Pro)
  • ₹920.00/ month (Pro)

9. Answer AI – Homework Helper

Answer AI - Homework Helper

Answer AI is your ultimate knowledge companion, harnessing the remarkable powers of artificial intelligence to provide you with precise and insightful answers to a wide range of queries and tasks. Whether you’re a student searching for homework assistance, a professional looking for rapid solutions, or simply inquisitive about a variety of topics, Answer AI has you covered.

Android app as a platform.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited response AI: immediate response and faster processing.
  • Use persons of any age.


  • 3-day free trial.
  • ₹490.00/ week.


AnswerAI has maintained a leading position in the field of AI-powered solutions. Still, there are many options, each meeting different requirements and tastes. Whichever you select—AskMate, QuestionAI: गृहकार्य सहायक, Nerd AI- Homework Helper, Scan Solve- AI Homework Solver etc.- you must make sure it meets your unique needs. In this way, you can take advantage of AI’s capacity to improve customer service, streamline processes, and maintain your competitive edge in this technologically advanced world.

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