In today’s life, we constantly search for methods to improve the convenience and efficiency of our lives in the rapidly changing environment. In the field of Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक alternative, or home assistant alternatives, significant improvement has been achieved. These AI-powered technologies are designed to make life easier, increase productivity, and improve a variety of tasks.

What is Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक ?

Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक

Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक is an effective homework helper. It’s a free AI homework helper that offers a Q&A system powered by AI to guide users through a variety of knowledge areas. The tool is meant to serve as a homework generator, answering questions related to schoolwork or everyday life.

In addition, Question Al: गृहकार्य सहायक can solve arithmetic problems and provides exact answers to equations. Users can ask questions by snapping screenshots or photos, and the AI model will respond with pertinent information. It functions as an image-to-LaTeX to LaTeX converter, utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize formulas and transform them into a legible format. Question Al: गृहकार्य सहायक not only increases learning efficiency and saves users’ time, but it is also a useful tool for instructors. It is an essential teaching and learning resource since it provides free online answers to arithmetic equations.

Platforms: PC online, Android, and the Apple App Store.

How much Cost of Answer Ai: गृहकार्य सहायक?

Not mention.

Why Do We Need Alternatives?

Although Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक is certainly a powerful service, users frequently look for alternatives for a variety of reasons. Cost factors, feature requirements, and a desire to investigate alternative AI systems are just a few examples.

What are the primary Alternatives of Question AI: गृहकार्य सहायक ?

  1. AskMate AI
  2. Answer AI
  3. Nerd AI – Homework Helper
  4. Scan Solve – AI Homework Helper
  5. Help AI: Your Homework with AI
  6. Quizard AI – Scan and Solve
  7. Schoolify – AI Homework Solver
  9. Answer AI – Homework Helper

1. AskMate AI

AskMate AI

AskMate AI is a free program that helps with homework. Our software has a lot of useful features that aim to enhance the way you learn. You just need to upload your study materials to receive fast, AI-powered solutions. You may easily upload your study materials in PDF format and ask questions about them by using our PDF enquiry option. Get detailed answers and explanations that will help you understand.

Platform: Android (iOS coming soon).

Key Features:

  • Tutoring services are provided for free.
  • Upload your Question Papers to get the answers.
  • Any questions about YouTube videos?
  • Obtain responses based on marks 1,2,3,4,5.
  • Submit the questions in a variety of file formats, including scanned photos and PDFs.
  • Use as a writing assignment.


Freely available (premium plans coming soon).

2. Answer AI

Answer AI

Answer AI is a smart homework assistant that can help you learn more successfully. This AI app is always active. When answering questions, we also provide very extensive responses to assist you in comprehending the processes and ideas step by step.

When learning and reviewing, Answer AI aids users in a variety of ways. By capturing images, scanning questions, uploading PDFs, and having direct discussions, we help users create learning flashcards. Answer AI will make it easier for you to create flashcards. Simultaneously, Answer AI may intelligently suggest simulated exercises and practice programs based on prior questions to assist users in achieving better results.

Platforms: PC (with Chrome Plugins), Android, and iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Effective: providing simulated tasks and practice programs based on previous questions.
  • Quick Responses: Find related queries quickly.
  • Provide specific problem-solving steps as well as multiple ideas.
  • 24*7 availability: provides online assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Free (limited number of users)
  • Recently released a Flash Card: Card with Hidden Answers.
  • Anyone From elementary school students to university students, can utilize it.


  • 1 month – ₹ 380.00.
  • 6 months – ₹ 4,297.16 (₹ 716.19 for one month)
  • 12 months – ₹ 2,548.00 (₹ 212.33 for one month)

3. Nerd AI – Homework Helper

Nerd AI - Homework Helper

Nerd AI is the newest AI technology. Nerd AI improves your writing, problem-solving, language learning, summarizing, coding, and knowledge on any subject with its robust feature set.

Platform: Android application as a medium.

Key Features:

  • Rapid problem solver software scans and instantly finds solutions.
  • Increased word count: Write longer messages.
  • There are a limitless number of speeches.
  • Subject access: Subject access is unrestricted.
  • Composing essays, blogs, and presentation scripts requires little effort.
  • Improve Your Language Skills: To help you become a language master, use advanced translators and grammar rules.
  • Summarize: Condense any piece of information, book, or article into a few sentences.
  • Rewrite: Simplify, continue, or improve your drafts of writing.
  • Learning to code will provide you with comprehensive support with any programming language.
  • Take part in interesting trivia challenges on a variety of topics.


  • 1 month -₹ 380.00.
  • 6 months – ₹ 4,297.16 (₹ 716.19 per month)
  • 12 months – ₹ 2,548.00 (₹ 212.33 per month)

4. ScanSolve – AI Homework Helper

ScanSolve - AI Homework Helper

By taking a photo of the question, you may use the ScanSolve AI Homework Helper app to rapidly find the right answer to any type of problem, including challenging quizzes and puzzles. Additionally, by providing thorough explanations for each response, the program makes sure you comprehend each one.

ScanSolve is a helpful resource for students of all skill levels. Easy to use and straightforward, the interface stresses problem-solving through a clear design. Texts in arithmetic, physics, history, and other areas are available through the software.

Platform: Android application as a medium.

Key Features:

  • It is readily available for free download on the Google Play store.
  • Nothing should be disclosed to outside parties.


  • Premium trial period – 3 days.
  • 1 week – ₹790.00.
  • 1 year ₹6,500.00.
  • Lifetime – ₹7,350.00.

5. Help AI

Help AI

Help AI, a virtual assistant. which can respond to your general and assignment questions within a minute. We use one of the most advanced artificial intelligence designs, capable of answering queries from any discipline.

Platform: use an Android app.

Key Features:

  • For translator and spelling correction, custom prompts can be utilized.
  • Handwritten text is not allowed.
  • Has no recollection of the past.
  • Content creator who is reliable and precise: The rate of error is low (up to 90%).
  • Send images and text from your gallery or other apps.
  • History is not saved.


There is one ticket for each question. (To earn more tickets, simply pick +3 tickets after watching the short ads).

  • 5 tickets – ₹19.90
  • 15 tickets – ₹39.90
  • 50 tickets – ₹119.90
  • 120 tickets – ₹39.90

6. Quizard AI – Scan and Solve

Quizard AI - Scan and Solve

Quizard AI is a modern artificial intelligence (AI) answer software that is intended to assist students of all levels in overcoming academic challenges. Quizard AI will provide the solution as well as a detailed explanation.

Platform: use an Android app.

Key Features:

  • Answer multiple-choice questions.
  • Complete your homework as soon as possible.
  • Topics are becoming clearer.
  • Use any student level, from elementary school to university.


  • ₹7350.00 for the lifetime.
  • 1 month – ₹99.00.
  • 6 months – ₹4900.00 (₹816.67 per month).
  • 1 year – ₹5,900.00 r (₹491.67 per month).
  • Lifetime – ₹7350.00.

7. Schoolify – AI Homework Solver

Schoolify - AI Homework Solver

Use students at any educational level, from primary to tertiary.
Schoolify is a creative AI-powered program that assists children of all ages with their homework. Our app uses the most recent technology to provide users with the greatest experience. With Schoolify, students may complete tasks like writing essays, conducting research, and solving difficult math problems rapidly. The solutions and content provided are guaranteed to be suitable for each user’s specific needs thanks to our individualized learning method.

Platform: Use an Android app.

Key Features:

  • Math solver app: Use this app to solve any math problem, such as arithmetic or algebra.
  • Use as a thesis statement for an essay.
  • Text solver: Develop any type of text, such as subjects, research, and summaries.
  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Almost every subject, from elementary school to college level, is covered.
  • The app replies more quickly.
  • Every day, tokens are offered for free.


  • 1month – ₹831.40.
  • 1 year – ₹5,825.41 (485.21 per month)

8. Homework AI

Homework AI

Homework AI is designed to deliver precise and timely responses to all of your homework questions. Our powerful artificial intelligence will offer you the answers you need to complete any assignment with a few simple clicks. With our AI-powered app, you’ll get accurate reliable solutions at all times. There will be no more wasting time on trial and error or straining to grasp complex ideas. Allow our AI to do the legwork for you and obtain the help you need to succeed in school.

Platform: Use an Android app.

Key Features:

  • Translator, To obtain the Summary, rewrite the material.
  • Save your history and enjoy limitless use (Pro).
  • Longer question and response periods
  • Experience without advertising
  • Obtain simplified explanations for complex subjects.
  • Explanations: Receive honest explanations of obligations or concerns.


  • 1 week – ₹270.00 (Pro)
  • 1 month – ₹920.00 (Pro)

9. Answer AI – Homework Helper

Answer AI - Homework Helper

Answer AI is your most valuable information partner, utilizing the extraordinary powers of artificial intelligence to offer you exact and insightful responses to a wide range of problems and tasks. Answer AI has you covered whether you’re a student requiring homework help, a professional looking for quick solutions, or simply curious about a wide range of topics.

Platform: Use an Android app.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited effect AI: quicker processing and instantaneous response.
  • Use people in any age range.


  • Trial period 3-day (free).
  • 1 week- ₹490.00.

Conclusion :

QuestionAI: गृहकार्य सहायक has maintained a leadership position in the field of AI-powered solutions. However, there are other possibilities, each fulfilling a unique set of criteria and preferences. Whatever you choose—AskMate, AnswerAI, Nerd AI- Homework Helper, Scan Solve- AI Homework Solver, and so on—make sure it suits your specific requirements. You can use AI to improve customer service, streamline procedures, and preserve your competitive edge in this technologically evolved world in this way.

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